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Richard is a single guy who is looking for love. He is passionate about love, sex and general health being. Richard is a IT consultant by day and blogger by night.

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How To Give Her A Mind Blowing Orgasm

There are a few secrets to making the G-spot work that most  men don’t understand.  The G-spot works for me all the time and has my women orgasming so hard they curl up in fetal position shuddering and gasping as their body is racked by wave after wave of  mind-blowing vaginal contractions that rock them to the  very core of their being whenever I use it!

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Ways to Flirt with a Nerd

So you want to get the attention of that nerdy guy at work. Well here is a bullet proof strategy on how to attract him.

How to make the first move on a nerd:  Nerd or not, all men love to be approached by a woman. Simply approach the nerd and ask him out for a date, be careful not to be too aggressive. You will get a date 9 times out of 10.

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Are You a Sex Geek?


“Sex geek” or “sex nerd” is an identification used by many people in the sex-positive community to describe their unusual, academic, and/or voracious interest in sexual knowledge. This interest extends well beyond that which would simply improve one’s own sex life. While clearly this kind of scholarship would likely lead to better sex for the individual, sex geeks like to learn about sex for the sake of learning about sex.

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Reasons Why Geeks Are Better In Bed

News alert…Geeks  make superior lovers. Here is why.

1. We’re more curious than the rest of the population.

2. We’re hackers by trade, so we are open to trying new things.

3. We produce things for ordinary users, so we’re more attuned to producing an orgasm in our partner then the rest of the population.

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3 geeky ways to spice up your love life


So I am a nerd and have a lot of time on my hands so I have been googling ways to spice up a relationship. Hey I know I may be no expert since I struggle to lure a girl to my room – but they do say those who don’t do are best to teach.  So here are the 5 top things I discovered that are great for sparking up the heat.

  1. Get connected to your feelings. Apparently when we get connected to our feelings we are more available to our partner and this can be a massive turn on. So connect with the more sensitive side of yourself and see where it takes you.
  2. Spice up the relationship with toys. Apparently everyone who is someone is using sex toys today. Sex toys have become the new must have accessory. Not sure what is available then shop online discreetly and see for yourself. There is something for everyone from the gadget loving geek to the hard-core porn king. Check out Private Desires (click here) to wet your appetite.
  3. Move that body. Admit it, working out increases urge for sex – well so I am told. This is because exercise activates the same brain chemicals and sends the blood racing to the pelvic region setting you in the mood. During this exercise and after, blood flows to the genitals that can augment the feeling once a person has turned on. Study shows that people who do exercise has the significant increase of around 165% more sexually activated compare to those who are not.  Does keyboard activity account for exercise? Mmm I wonder!

Increase Your Bedroom Confidence

The experts say that true happiness really does begin with you.  It is something that comes from within.  It is something you have to allow to come out.  Being happy and happier living includes having a strong sense of self-awareness, confidence in yourself, and self-esteem.

So we do this for our everyday lives but for some reason many of us forget this when we go into the bedroom. We let our self-esteem get rattled thinking that we may not be good enough. Sexual contentment, enjoyment, and gratification are much more easily achieved when you are confident with who you are, what you have to offer when you already know what will help you to reach those goals.  

Understanding your sexual responses and sensations and identifying your reactions can help you have more fulfilling, gratifying, and enjoyable sexual experiences that you can effectively share with your partner to ultimately satisfy you and vice versa.  This satisfaction will bring you happiness from within as well.  Knowing how your body responds to various stimulations and sensations allows you to have a greater level of comfort and relaxation.  It also affords you the opportunity to share with your partner what does and does not pleasure you. 

Learning this simple yet crucial information is easy when you take a few minutes for yourself to spend time exploring your pleasure zones.  Try a sex toy as they can help you to determine critical pressure points, erogenous zones that trigger your arousal, plus your likes and dislikes. 

There are many toys that are capable of stimulating multiple points simultaneously, whether you are using them by yourself or with your partner.  Regardless of taste, if you prefer something discreet or more daring, there are sex toys for every preference and level of experience that you can safely receive pleasure from and creative a healthy sex life with that will increase your happiness from within.   If you’re a little curious to explore your pleasure zones and amp up your bedroom confidence then visit – select a toy today that you can play with tomorrow.

Can a Man’s Penis Break While Having Sex?

In the opinion of Dr. Erik P Castle, Urologist, Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona, a man’s penis can never literally break (as there is no bone inside it) while having sex, but can certainly get ruptured. Human penis consists of two encased sponges which are situated next to each other, and these get engorged upon sexual arousal. The outer lining of penile shaft can get ruptured while indulging in vigourous sexual activity or masturbation.

However, you must immediately visit a qualified Doctor in the event that you experience sudden pain in the penile shaft and are unable to get through the act. You may have to receive treatment for elimination of any blood clots, repair of damaged area or for reduction of inflammation. Neglecting such injury can possibly result in chronic deformity or impotence.

Prevention is always better than cure and hence you must take appropriate measures to not harm the penis in the first place. Unless you have a very strong urge, avoid the woman-on-top position (both reverse cowgirl and conventional). This position can be very damaging if you’re partner creates excessive torque on the penile shaft by leaning too far backward or forward. Rear entry vaginal and anal intercourse has an equal amount of risk. In addition, exercise caution while having sex at unconventional places.

Why not buy some reliable, safe and good quality sex toys to enjoy within the four walls of your bedroom only! I purchase all my sex toys from this reliable online adult store! Check it out by clicking on the link.

G-Spot Pleasure for Him

While the female G-Spot has long been touted as the ‘Holy Grail’ of the female orgasm the male G-Spot is very rarely talked about. One day while shopping on my favourite toy website I saw a new line of toys designed specifically for stimulating the male G-Spot and became intrigued. I am an avid collector of sex toys and am always on the lookout for a new and adventurous toy, but before I ordered anything I decided to do some research.

I learned that my G-Spot is actually another name for my prostate gland. While it can be stimulated by massaging the perineum, cheekier and more open minded men can enjoy amazing pleasure from direct, internal stimulation. Being  open minded,  I returned to the toy website to make a selection. I quickly decided on the Vibrating Waterproof Prostate Stimulator. I liked that it could be used in the shower and that it was made of silicone, so I imagined it would be easy to insert. I clicked pay and checkout and eagerly awaited it’s arrival.

My  Prostate Stimulator arrived about a week later and I opened it excitedly. I decided to use it in the shower so I grabbed my lube and turned on the water. I have used anal toys before, mainly beads, but this experience was unlike any other. As I gently eased the toy into me I could feel the exact moment when it reached my G-Spot and the vibrations were amazing! I had the strongest orgasm I’d ever had. My only complaint about the toy was that at first I couldn’t last very long while I used it. That improved with practice though . Since that first night I have since found all kinds of ways to my new toy. My new favourite is to  insert the Prostate Stimulator, then use a small bullet on my perineum while  (if I am lucky) a girl gives me a gobby. I can’t even describe how good it feels to be stimulated in so many places at the same time!

I know a lot of men are uncomfortable at the idea of anal play, but I’m happy to say I’m not one of them. If you’ve never tried it you’re missing out on one of the most intense orgasms you could ever have. Start slowly with the perineum massage or have your lover insert a small vibrator into your anus while you’re making love. If she’s willing she could even use her finger. Speaking honestly the only way you can go wrong is if you don’t use enough lubrication. As long as you don’t make that mistake G-Spot stimulation will be an amazing, eye opening experience. 

When Nerds Decide to Spice things up in the Bedroom

All systems go!  Even nerds, or maybe especially nerds, need to spice things up in the bedroom now and then.  With the commonality of couples hooking up at comic cons, and in online chat rooms, and in online gaming we see more and more couples that display more nerdy tendencies every day.  I was interested in exploring how this affects sexuality in our popular culture and new fun ways couples can enjoy each other.

Role play has always been a big part of kinkier sex.  Old standby scenarios like the naughty nurse, an innocent schoolgirl or hot teacher come to mind when we think sexual role pay.  But to nerd role play can reach all new heights. 

Cosplay has become a runaway hit with fans of comic books and sci-fi.  Imagine sexy role-play with love-starved aliens or between super heroes returning from saving the day?  Those that don’t want to spend months making a costume especially one for sex can get something like the Side Kick costume from Seven Till Midnight. The possibilities are almost limitless when you get two imaginative minds together.

The variety of costumes and sexual fantasies that can play out is truly amazing.  For those that have a love for Game of Thrones or a Lord of the Rings fetish outfits like a Heavy Metal Pasty and Panty Set  can set the mood.  Couples no longer need to be limited to more traditional options. 

As I started looking around I found more and more sex toys that catered to the nerd in all of us.  It’s interesting to see beloved childhood characters and memories transformed into something sexual.  Costumes were no surprise to me but then I encountered something that was truly unique.  Toy company Doc Johnson made a Super Hung Heroes collection of dildos including one shaped and sized to match the Incredible Hulk.  I had to ask who this giant green dong is for but then I realized why couldn’t there be a certain percentage of women who fantasize about comic book super dongs? 

When it comes to sex toys you can imagine there are a good number of products specifically designed for men.  Japanese Anime love pillows might quality but those often have more to do with warmth and a sense of companionship.  I did find a variety of very interesting strokers out there including a vampire themed one from Fleshlight . Companies continue to offer their customers new ways to live out their fantasies no matter what they may be.

In my opinion this is another great example of nerd culture becoming the mainstream.  In this case we see it in the variety of sex toys people can use.  Soon enough we may see half of the sex toys out there have some sort of unique or otherworldly twist.   I blame Captain Kirk and those intergalactic green girls for starting this nerd sexual revolution so many years ago.  I can’t fault Kirk for his exploits and after seeing some of those Cosplay girls I think I’ve been converted.

A Remedy For A Lonely Soul

Man Passed out with a Blow up Doll

I am a lonely and shy type of guy. I have been working with my doctor on different ways to become more open and not so shy. Over the years I have been able to learn different techniques on how to over come my shyness and approach women when I meet them face to face.

One of the more unique ways I have learned to be comfortable around women is by practicing talking to my self as if I were talking to a woman or on a date. At first this was really strange for me.

Fortunately I found an easy answer. As recommended by my doctor, he advised that I should masturbate while experimenting with various sex toys. He recommended that I invest in a blow up doll, I blushed and got embarressed about the thought. However I figured I have nothing to loose, after all one advantage of being all alone is that there is no risk that someone will catch me with my blow up doll.

About three months ago I bought the Jenna Doll which looks just like Jenna Jameson, she is a porn star for those of you who may be wondering. After I blew Jenna up and sat her on my couch I was able to practice having a conversation with a woman. I tried practicing two or three different ways in how to approach a woman for a few nights. Then I slowly moved on to second, third and forth base with her, gaining confidence and experience on how to woo a woman.  

I thought my doctor was crazy when he suggested the idea but right now the treatment has been working a charm.